Copenhagen, Food and Coffee

Is this for real??? It is minus 6 degrees outside! What the hell? Yesterday it was nice and warm and today I was freezing!!! I was outside for maybe half an hour and it was horrible :D! I wanted to walk around some stores and do some shopping, but it was too cold to be outside! So I just got myself some coffee and flowers and went home haha. I did meet up with Ida- that was nice! But she was also freezing so we didn't spend too much time together, both of us wanted to go home and sit by a radiator haha. I can't believe it is so cold!! And it is supposed to get even colder tomorrow... uuuugh! But, I went to Stalks and Roots - my favourite flower store in Copenhagen. They have a shop at Torvehallerne and their flowers are really beautiful! One of the things I want to do in 2017 is learn how to make pretty flower bouquets and try styling different flowers than what I am used to. Normally I would buy tulips or something like that, but I am trying new types now! I think Minii really likes the flowers haha. She kept on smelling them haha.


Venku je -6, jako fakt? Ještě včera bylo krásně teplíčko a dneska už jsem mrzla! Byla jsem venku asi hodinu a půl a bylo to hrozný, haha. Chtěla jsem se projít a podívat se jen tak po obchodech, ale v tý zimě to prostě nešlo, takže jsem si jen koupila kafe, kytky a šla jsem domů. Nemůžu uvěřit, že je vážně taková zima. A zítra se má ještě ochladit! Aspoň jsem si koupila kytky v Stalks and Roots, v mém nejoblíbenějším květinářsví. Mají obchod v Torvehallerne a jejich zboží je prostě nejkrásnější. Jednou z věcí, které se chci v novém roce naučit, je vázání a stylizování kytic. Taky chci zkoušet něco nového- a tak jsem si místo mých oblíbených tulipánů koupila úplně jiný druh. Minii má kytky evidentně taky ráda. Co jsem je přinesla domů, nepřestala je očichávat, haha. 

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Copenhagen, Home/ Decor

I am soooo excited today! Zara Home has finally opened a store in Copenhagen. I mean, I can't even explain how great this is for me, I absolutely love their stores so I always had to shop online OR buy things when traveling, but it is kinda hard to buy cups and things like that if you need to pack it in a suitcase! So I am insanely happy about this. The store is right in the heart of Copenhagen opposite to Illum. It has 2 floors and so many beautiful things. I saw lovely Caroline from @copenhagenstories there and she showed me around and we had some coffee, cupcakes and croissants. Oh and juice! I stayed up really late yesterday- and I am not used to it, so I really needed a little pick-me-up in the morning haha. So yea, Zara Home is in Copenhagen Whop Whop! You can go visit it today! And get some interior accessories. There are these really beautiful cups with a checkered motive on them- very Nordic! Too bad for me though, because I got so many beautiful cups from Eva solo and Kahler Design, that I don't have space for anything else haha. Ok enjoy the pictures! I am off to work a bit before heading to London with @byrosemaria tomorrow!:)



Copenhagen, christmas

Good morning everyone! I had the most amazing day yesterday. Even though I came home tired as hell, I really enjoyed getting to that point! Tad and I left the apartment around 12:30 to go to the Marble Church, then we walked around for a bit and decided to get some food at the Union Kitchen near Nyhavn. I got an avocado rye bread with a poached egg and Tad got waffles with berries cream and chocolate. It was so delicious and cozy! I really like that place, a lot of cool people go there and the service is so sweet! Afterwards we went to Eataly at Illum. Eataly is a new Italian supermarket/ buffet/ cafe and restaurant, that opened a few days ago. It is covering the entire basement of Illum, which means that it is huge! I can't wait to go shopping for pasta and Italian food there! Afterwards we walked to one shop to check out our (hopefully) future table. We have been searching for a table for a really, really long time but still have't found anything we are 100% certain about.. Afterwards Tad went home and I met up with @jennifergeertsen to take some pictures and quickly catch up before meeting @annelinneaholm and going to NOUW after work drinks. I had to leave that party really early because I promised to take pictures at RossoPomodoro at the Pizza Masterclass. The event started at 6 and I got home at 10 tired as hell, but still happy! So now all of Copenhagen is decorated with christmas lights making it so cozy! I have so many pictures to share now- so keep posted! Have a lovely day:))

Beautiful Nyhavn

Hotel D'Angleterre beautifully decorated for christmas- as every year.

Food at the Union Kitchen! So delicious.

@jennifergeertsen looking absolutely amazing! I love the christmas lights in the background!

​A Caramel Spiced Latte from Hotel Chocolat! So yummy and made with 100% chocolate.

@copenhagenstories in the middle of the dough making process. A.k.a. at the point where it is gooey and sticky.

Bee getting tired of me taking pictures of her and trying to hit me with dough :D!

@annelinneaholm and @jennifergeertsen getting their hands covered in dough haha



Copenhagen, Tips

Those of you who have been following me for some time now probably know that I get a lot of people visiting me! I usually take them for a 2 day tour through Copenhagen and if there is time we go a bit out of the city for one day. I have a few tips for you guys of what is manageable in one day. It seems like one day is too short to travel out of Copenhagen if you are here only for maybe 3 days, but it is definitely doable. With my cousins last week we did Copenhagen in one day and then rented a car and drove North on Saturday and South on Sunday and they left on Sunday. So I guess since Denmark is tiny it is easy to do a lot in a short time. And we didn't even wake up crazy early or anything haha.

1. Klampenborg and Dyrehaven
Take a train 20 minutes from the central station and you will find yourself in an absolutely stunning small town called Klampenborg. And there you have a variety of activities available to you. You can take a horse-draw carriage in Dyrehaven, which is the "deer garden". The name actually suits the place, because there really are deer everywhere! And they are very photogenic haha. You will also find Bellevue Beach- a very picturesque place with nice piers and a great beach in the summertime where you can swim and chill in the sun. The amusement park Bakken is also located in Dyrehavn. We went there one summer with Tad's 3 little siblings and it was so much fun! There are so many cool rides and restaurants.

Transport: S-train C or regional train from Central station. The S-train is also possible to take from Nørreport, Vesterport, Østerport. Leaves aprox every 10 minutes. Check times on weekends as they may leave less often.

Deer at Dyrehaven

Horse drawn carriage through dyrehaven

Hunting castle at Dyrehaven

Bellevue beach

2. The Blue Planet
The Blue Planet is Northern Europe's largest aquarium. It is also a stunning building and worth seeing for any architect. It is nice both for children and grown-ups. Tad and I went there about a year ago and it is so cool! There are many cool types of fish and really nice food! I would recommend going there for lunch and then walking around for a bit. It is still in Copenhagen so it can maybe be just a half-day trip. But once you are there you probably want to walk around and go to Amager Strand- a pretty beach with a lot of people going on walks and runs. In the summer it is a great place for a BBQ.

Transport: Metro from Nørreport to Kastrup St. or the 5A bus. The metro leaves every few minutes.

Images from google

3. Going North
There are so many amazing places to go up North from Copenhagen but I can recommend- Helsingør, where you find Hamlet's castle and the Maritime museum (1), Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød (2) , and Fredensborg (3). In Fredensborg you will find the Fredensborg caslte, which is the autumn estate of the crown prince of Denmark. Since we borrowed a car it was possible to do all three at once, but if you took the train you can probably only manage one at a time. Also if you drive up you will hit Arne Jacobsen's gas Station (4), where you can stop for a cup of coffee. Furthermore you can take a farry from Helsingør to Helsinborg in Sweden. My parents did it in the summer and said it was great. It takes about 20 minutes to cross from Denmark to Sweden.

Transport: to Helsingør: regional train from central station, leaves every 2O minutes. Hillerød: S-train A, leaves every 10 minutes. Fredensborg is a bit harder to get to, but you can take the regional train and a bus. If you take the car, drive to Helsingør around the beach on Strandvej and not the higway because you will get more scenery.

Hamlet's Castle (Kronborg) in Helsingør

Maritime Museum in Helsingør

Hillerød- Frederiksborg castle

Fredesborg Castle

Arne Jacobsen's Gas Station

4. Møns Klint
I wrote about this place a few days ago, you can find more pictures HERE. The drive from Copenhagen takes about 2 hours and I would not recommend taking public transport because it takes 4 and a half hours- and that is just not worth it. Once you are there you will find beautiful white chalk cliffs above the open sea. It is an absolutely stunning view. If you decide to go in autumn/ winter be sure to pack a lunch because that part of Denmark is completely closed haha. We couldn't find a single restaurant. Maybe it was also due to the fact that we went on a Sunday, but still! Oh and for sure take walking shoes- you will need to climb up thousands of stairs to get there. Talk about leg day...

5. Malmö
Across the Øresund bridge (from the famous series The Bridge) you will find a lovely Swedish city Malmö. It is very easy to get there from Copenhagen. I actually have some friends who live there and travel to school in Copenhagen every day. In Malmö there are a of of things to see, you can go into the city centre for shopping and to the beach, where you get a great view of the bridge and the Turning Torso, which is the tallest building in Scandinavia.

Transport: Regional Train from the Central Station, leaves every 20 minutes. I am not sure what the situation is now with going to Sweden, but normally it takes about 40 minutes to get to Malmö. However with the boarders being closed you might need to switch trains at the Copenhagen airport.

Map of Malmö walk- borrowed from Google

View of the Turning Torso- Google image

View of the bridge from the Malmö beach



Copenhagen, Countryside

Hey guys! Here is a little update- we left Copenhagen now and are on our way North. I started the day taking pictures with the girls from Copenhagen Stories and Anne at the Second Female office in Nordhavn, such a beautiful space! Then my cousins and I left the city and are heading to Helsingør. We stopped at Olivers gas station designed by Arne Jacobsen. We also took a short break on a beach and now we are back in the car and driving! I am so excited about this trip and the weather is insanely good! Have a nice Saturday everyone ❤️🚗